Why I Want To Be A Magazine Cover Model

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The “WHY” matters.

Your Why is a list of reasons that resonate with you as to why you’re doing something.

If you’re going day-to-day doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing with no insight as to why, or where you should focus your attention, you may feel discouraged, stuck, and unmotivated.

Let me give you an example.

I had a client named Darren.

Darren used to come to me each week to get stretched.

Darren is in his mid-forties; at the time, he weighed about 240 lbs. and worked as a police officer.

I asked Darren what his 2020 health goals were.

He told me that he wanted to get shredded next year. He specifically said to me that he wants to look like a sexy cabana boy.

When I asked Darren what looking shredded would do for him, he paused.

He paused some more and said, “That’s a good question!”

He admitted that looking shredded wouldn’t do anything for him and that he would need to rethink his goal.

The Problem With Goals Like Darren’s:

Problem #1: He never actually took the time to think of WHY he wanted the goal in the first place.

Problem #2: He did not have a strong enough reason WHY so Darren’s likelihood of failure was higher. Darren did not actually care about getting shredded.

Have you ever thought about WHY you actually want X, Y, Z goals?

If not, now is your opportunity!

Enter the Five Whys Exercise!

Take a piece of paper and pen, or on the computer, and take a shot at this FIVE WHY Exercise.

My biggest 2021 health goal is to ________________.

  1. Why do you want this goal?
  2. Why do you need that?
  3. Why do you need to do that?
  4. Why does that matter?
  5. Why is that important?

Your example could look a lot like mine.

My 2021 health goal is to be on a magazine cover.

  1. Why? The pinnacle of being a babe (to me) is the ability to be seen in a swimsuit!
  2. Why is that important to me? I am young, I am a health coach, and these are some prime years for me.
  3. Why is that important to me? I want to inspire others with my journey along the way to achieving this goal. This type of exposure would allow me to reach more people in my business.
  4. Why is that important to me? I want more people to go after what they truly want in life, unapologetically, no matter how vain it may look or seem. I also want to grow my business and increase my profits for 2021.
  5. Why is that important to me? To me, there is no other way of living my life. I firmly believe that we can have it all! The experiences, the relationships, the love, the body, the health, the wealth – it’s all there! To stand out, to truly inspire people, I am willing to do things that others won’t. To Live Large is to dream, to execute, and never give up on the life you desire!

As you can see, it’s not just about getting on a magazine cover.

This goal and photoshoot are about inspiring people to take a stand and live their life on purpose (which is so much more powerful)!

Try this FIVE WHY Exercise now on yourself!

What is your biggest 2021 health goal, and more importantly, what is your underlying reason for wanting it?

Get investigative. Take it seriously. You deserve nothing less.


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