Client Success

When you put your mind to something and seek the right guidance -

Blonde Woman Transformation Photo

“I would recommend Krista as a nutritionist and trainer for two reasons. One, each program is tailored to the individual, meaning that every program is different depending on what your goals are. If you aren’t sure what your goals are she asks questions to help you figure it out and create a clear vision. Two, she helps you focus on one thing at a time. That way you don’t feel bogged down with too much at once. The type of person who would benefit from this program is someone who is not looking for a quick fix, but rather, long term sustainable goals built on realistic expectations of yourself. Someone who can digest the information received and capitalize on that to create better habits for both short- and long-term gains, or loss!”

Corey S.

“I gained a clear picture of what routine makes me feel the most accomplished and happy – waking up early, working out and moving more, eating veggies, not worrying about counting calories, drinking smoothies, cutting back on social media, reading more books, and going to sleep early.”

Josef S.

Male Transformation Photo

“Working with Krista was a great experience! She was very knowledgeable, inspiring, and helped me stay focused on reaching my goals!  With her help and expertise I was able to reach both my weight loss and performance goals. Along the way I gained new tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long term. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to create a healthy lifestyle or to make new breakthroughs in their fitness goals.”

Josh P.

“In 90 Days Krista helped me

  • Lose 34lbs
  • Run my first 10K
  • Learn portion sizes
  • Cut out fast food AND soda
  • Start lifting weights consistently
  • Lower my blood pressure
  • Improve all blood markers
  • Change my life”

Bryan W.