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When you put your mind to something and seek the right guidance -

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“I would recommend Krista as a nutritionist and trainer for two reasons. One, each program is tailored to the individual, meaning that every program is different depending on what your goals are. If you aren’t sure what your goals are she asks questions to help you figure it out and create a clear vision. Two, she helps you focus on one thing at a time. That way you don’t feel bogged down with too much at once. The type of person who would benefit from this program is someone who is not looking for a quick fix, but rather, long term sustainable goals built on realistic expectations of yourself. Someone who can digest the information received and capitalize on that to create better habits for both short- and long-term gains, or loss!”

Corey S.

“I gained a clear picture of what routine makes me feel the most accomplished and happy – waking up early, working out and moving more, eating veggies, not worrying about counting calories, drinking smoothies, cutting back on social media, reading more books, and going to sleep early.”

Josef S.

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“Working with Krista was a great experience! She was very knowledgeable, inspiring, and helped me stay focused on reaching my goals!  With her help and expertise I was able to reach both my weight loss and performance goals. Along the way I gained new tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long term. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to create a healthy lifestyle or to make new breakthroughs in their fitness goals.”

Josh P.

“Working with Krista was simple and enjoyable.  She asks good questions and keeps you engaged and accountable in the process of reaching your goals.  To reach your long-term goal, she helps you establish smaller goals from week to week. Her coaching approach gives you the power to learn and make your own choices and be in control of your journey.  New habits were practical and effective.  Over time, it was easy to see how big a difference it makes just doing the small things every day.  

My goal was to decrease weight and body fat percentage and maintain strength over 12 weeks. I surpassed bodyweight goal in just 4 weeks. I learned to portion size my food for my body type and fitness goals.  I didn’t have to count a single calorie or track any macros. Nutrition coaching was my favorite part.  It was new to me and I loved the challenge.  I gained a new appreciation for my body and what it’s capable of. I also have new confidence in my ability to establish new habits and the discipline to follow through. I know now that I can achieve any results that I choose to.

I would highly recommend Krista to anybody. Whether you’re a beginner or just need some small adjustments, she can help find realistic and sustainable ways to reach your goal.”


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“I’ve been following your content for a while now, but due to the pandemic and quarantine, I put on some weight and was struggling with some unhealthy habits. During our initial consultation, your positivity and energy really stood out and put me at ease. You genuinely wanted to see me succeed and that’s exactly what happened. Over the 90 days, I was able to break bad habits I had struggled with my whole life and developed good long-lasting positive habits, giving me more confidence in myself and an overall more positive attitude towards life.
The biggest thing I gained was the confidence to not succumb to my old unhealthy habits, but to acknowledge them, and use the tools and tips you provided me with to make a healthier decision.

I tell everyone I can about working with Krista! There are a lot of people struggling with unhealthy habits, which have only been magnified due to COVID-19. If you want accountability to get back on track, or feel like you are a slave to your unhealthy habits, you should work with Krista!”

Shaun D.

Male Progress photo, side by side comparison

Josh R.


In 90 days with Krista: I learned which foods feel best for me, Optimized my digestion, Boosted productivity at work. Slowed down eating pace, Started sprinting consistently, Learned how to portion out meals for my goals Dropped significant body fat Found peace with food.

Bryan W.


In 90 Days Krista helped me: Lose 34lbs, Run my first 10K, Learn portion sizes, Cut out fast food AND soda, Start lifting weights consistently, Lower my blood pressure, Improve all blood markers, Changed my life.

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“Krista was exactly who I needed to help me get over the plateau I was experiencing with diet and exercise. Her expertise in fitness and nutrition, coupled with a genuine desire to understand my goals, gave me the tools I needed to make sustainable changes to my lifestyle. Those changes have gotten me closer to obtaining my goals than anything else I had been doing on my own (even though I had already been dieting and exercising). She really paid close attention to tailoring my workouts to target the areas of my body I was hoping to see improvement in. With her coaching, I was able to lose 10-12 pounds beyond a point that I had felt stuck at for the past couple of years.

Over 12 weeks of working with Krista, I gained a better understanding of how to portion out my food in a way where I don’t feel overly restricted or deprived of the foods I love. I learned how to love the gym again and gained the confidence to push myself past the mental limits I had previously set. Overall, I am a stronger, healthier, and more confident version of myself from when Krista and I started working together. I am extremely grateful to have met her.

I would recommend Krista as a nutritionist to anyone who feels stuck in a rut with weight loss, struggles with accountability, and/or are looking for guidance for an overall healthier lifestyle. Her approach is to start out slow with one or two small changes and to progressively add in other changes over the course of the program. I believe anyone could benefit from having Krista as a coach if they follow her recommendations and commit to the process.”


“Before working with Krista, I was working out every once in a while. I was eating anything that sounded good and not really thinking about how it would feel later.
After working with Krista, I am working out at least 3-4 times a week and I am excited to do it! I now think about how my meals will make me feel in the long run. I feel so good, inside and out.
I would 100% recommend Krista to anyone looking for guidance on nutrition and fitness. She is very encouraging and I never felt uncomfortable about the goals we decided to set. I learned lifelong habits that I wouldn’t have pushed myself to reach without Krista’s guidance.”

Kelcie Z.

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Kristyn Walker

“After basically being immobile for 5 months after a broken foot, I felt weak, soft, tired, and just uncomfortable in my own skin. I had lost a lot of self-esteem and knew I needed to make a change that would get me back to feeling like my confident self. I also knew that I needed help to get my health back on track.

After my 90 days with Krista, I feel stronger, healthier, happier, and have my energy back. Though I still have work to do to maintain my progress & healthy habits, I feel like I have learned so much to help me continue through the next decade of my life & achieve my future goals.
What I loved about working with Krista was that it wasn’t a fad diet-based program. The custom program is designed to help you create habits based on your own personal goals. Those habits help you create a long-term healthy lifestyle. I think anybody who is looking to create lasting change, learn more about their overall health, and just needs a little help for guidance & accountability should reach out to learn more about how she can help you become the best version of yourself!”

Kristyn W.

Before working with Krista, I experienced a lot of anxiety about how I should eat, when I should eat, and classifying what I was doing as “right” or “wrong.” I had gained unwanted weight throughout the pandemic as WA is still fairly locked down and desperately wanted to add some routine into my life.

Now, I can trust that I will make healthy decisions for myself without experiencing the anxiety of deciding if what I am doing is “right” or “wrong.” It feels good to put together a plate that is going to nourish my body and not worry about over or under eating. 

I would recommend Krista to anyone who is trying to establish healthy habits but allow for flexibility in their day to day life. If you’re someone who thinks the only way to get healthy is by counting calories, you’ll love working with Krista to establish portion sizes specific to your body without needing to track a single thing. 


Client Shoutouts

Chris Sparks Testimonial

In just over 6 months Chris:

  • Lost 24lbs!
  • Decreased his body fat percentage by over 4%
  • Learned how to portion out perfect meals for his body and appetite
  • Started hydrating properly
  • Learned some new exercises
  • Learned how to tune into his digestion
  • Discovered a meal prep routine that works and sticks!

Chris S.

Joanne Sparks Living Large Wellness Testimonial

In 90 Days, Joanne:

  • Lost 30# total
  • Broke her sugar habit
  • Learned how to prioritize protein with every meal
  • Saved $100 a month on fast food ~ $300 total
  • Learned how to read and pay special attention to nutrition labels
  • Increased her daily weight and walking routine

Joanne S.