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Yesterday ended last night,

today you have an opportunity to change your life.

Yesterday ended last night,

today you have an opportunity to change your life.

With the last name Large, I was always conscious about how I looked to avoid getting bullied or made fun of. This consciousness, unfortunately, turned into an obsession as I entered my teenage years.

I was 13 when I purchased my first diet book. At the time, I was very into cheerleading, and because I wanted to be the girl on top, this desire to be light and skinny grew even more, accompanied by restrictive behaviors around food.

This cycle continued for the next five years until one day during dance class in high school. I had barely eaten anything that day and was twirling around when I nearly fainted. Before falling over, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw the girl staring back at me. She was scared, weak, sick, and needed help.

In this moment, time stood still. I realized I had a choice. I could continue down this destructive path to achieve this body, or I could learn how to do it in a healthy and nourishing way. I am happy to say that I decided to take the latter route and pursue a nutrition and dietetics degree from the University of Mississippi.

Though I had learned a lot in college about nutrition, my experience with dieting only continued to grow. For the next several years, I tried everything from raw veganism, paleo, keto, fasting, and I have done more Whole 30’s in my lifetime than I want to admit. I also went on to compete in several bodybuilding shows, Ironman 70.3 triathlons, powerlifting competitions, and even became a full-time personal trainer continuing to yo-yo up and down.

I finally discovered a different approach other than dieting through habit-based nutrition when I earned my certification as a Precision Nutrition coach. Since learning the fundamental habits of eating and teaching others, I have successfully maintained a healthy weight while still practicing the skills and habits I learned in the course!

Since starting my private practice, Living Large Wellness, I have been able to help dozens of others achieve and maintain their ideal body compositions. My main objective as a nutritionist is to educate my clients on these same foundational behaviors and support each individual in creating the routines and lifestyles they love to ensure they continue to achieve and sustain their goals.

My work focuses on goal setting, habit building, monitoring of success, and high-touch accountability.

Living large is about creating an expansive human experience and aligning your health to the life you want to live. I’m honored you are here and thrilled to work with you.


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