100 Life Goals

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It is hard to imagine what life will look like in three, five, or even ten years from now.

The good news is you don’t have to have it all figured out.

I have an exercise to share with you that changed my life! 

I call this list my 100 Life Goals.

The point here is to dream and not worry about the how.

Here’s how you do it – make a list of 100 things you want to do in your life. 

These goals can be silly, scary, huge, small, easy, challenging, fun, exciting, weird, or whatever you want; your life, your goals.

Here is my list:

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon ✅
  2. Swimming in Singapore
  3. Ride a train somewhere
  4. Snowboard in Wyoming
  5. Drink dirty martinis in NYC
  6. Rollerblade around a city
  7. Ride in a snowmobile 
  8. Be silent for a week
  9. Fast for a week
  10. Surf in Hawaii 
  11. Compete in salsa dancing competition
  12. Go on a cycling trip abroad
  13. Go a year without booze
  14. Host Thanksgiving for friends and fam
  15. Go to an NHL game
  16. Squash wine grapes with my feet
  17. Take my mom on a trip ✅
  18. Go to Oktoberfest In Germany 
  19. Own a sprinter van and travel
  20. Be my own boss ✅
  21. DJ a party ✅
  22. Go sailing in the Mediterranean 
  23. Donate money to charity
  24. Mentor a younger girl
  25. Be a minimalist 
  26. Sing the national anthem ✅
  27. Hike in the redwood Forrest
  28. Go to the Burning Man festival
  29. Float in the dead sea
  30. Bike 100 miles in a day 
  31. Own a Jeep wrangler
  32. Live in a foreign country
  33. Make a baby
  34. Write a book or ebook
  35. Learn Spanish ✅
  36. Live near the beach
  37. Build something with my hands
  38. Be on a podcast ✅
  39. Fly in a helicopter 
  40. Marry my soulmate 
  41. Take cooking lessons abroad
  42. Do a standing back tuck 
  43. Get yoga teacher certified 
  44. Go white water rafting 
  45. Install a community piece of art
  46. Spend no unnecessary money for a month 
  47. Plant a garden
  48. Learn how to Saber champagne 
  49. Learn to play tennis
  50. Go without a cell phone for a week
  51. Climb a 14er in Colorado
  52. Speak in front of hundreds of people
  53. Host a retreat ✅
  54. Become a surf instructor
  55. Learn to the guitar
  56. Camp in a national park ✅
  57. Write a series of 100 hand-written notes 
  58. Be on a magazine cover
  59. Start an email list ✅
  60. Start a business with my mom 
  61. Reach absolute financial freedom
  62. Start a non-profit 
  63. Buy a house in ATX
  64. Get published in a health magazine
  65. Write and sing a song in Spanish 
  66. Start an event company 
  67. Work with a personal stylist 
  68. Buy a manual convertible car
  69. Live to 104 years old

I stopped here, but I never stop dreaming. I add new goals every month or whenever I am feeling inspired.

Design this list, and you can essentially design your life.

The most empowering aspect of my life is knowing that I am consciously creating the experiences I want in life outside of what I feel like I “should” be doing.

This list gives me direction and keeps me focused.

I refer to this list whenever I feel lost or bored.

My ultimate purpose in life is to INSPIRE!

Inspire people to dream big, consciously create, take action and operate at their highest human potential! This list is an example of what Living Large means to me. It’s not about the money or the things, but experiencing life and feeling f*cking fabulous doing it (which means having a healthy, capable body, mind, and spirit).

I hope this email leaves you inspired to create a list of your own!

Who do you want to become?

Krista Living Large

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