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I help women in their 30’s & 40’s lose 20+ lbs of fat and radically transform their confidence and habits in 90 days or less

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Krista Large CEO Living Large Wellness

Sometimes we just need a guide. Someone to show you the way, give you a plan, and offer support.

Hi! I'm Krista

My journey has certainly had its ups and downs. 

I have had my struggles with eating disorders, body image, being an extremist with my food, losing weight, gaining weight, starving myself, binging on food, stress, anxiety, but I wouldn’t have it any other way…

I am truly grateful for every Friday night I spent on the stair master, for every “miracle diet” I tried and failed at, every tear I cried because of the stress I put on myself to please everyone. 

I have learned many things the hard way so that I can help others NOT do the same thing.

Change is not easy, but it doesn't have to be hard.

Work With Me

Wellness Coaching 

Fitness only gets you so far...

Habits, nutrition, and lifestyle changes are what create true transformation.

I create a personalized wellness plan designed to meet your specific needs and goals and work one-on-one with you to create everlasting change.

My goal is to help you develop healthy habits, feel empowered to make your own decisions, take control of your health and learn to love your body.

I specialize in goal setting, custom fitness programming, nutrition counseling, and mindset coaching. You aren’t in this alone!

Let’s do this together.

The Key Ingredients to Living Large


Ditch dieting for good.


Build Habits that upgrade
your performance in daily life


Gain clarity on your
most important goals

Client Love

What People Say


Now my entire life has switched around from being a client of Krista’s. She has taught me how to take care of myself via food, wellness, and visualizations. I now know with confidence how to eat right for MY body and life. I am so full of energy! Thank you Krista. She is such a great listener and truly customizes her sessions and plans for her clients. I feel so good, inside and out.


Hiring Krista to get my body in shape is one of the best personal investment decisions I’ve made in 2021. Worth every penny and even more. Krista made this process simple and the psychological factor of having someone on your side to coach you on your nutrition is powerful.


Over 12 weeks of working with Krista, I gained a better understanding of how to portion out my food in a way where I don’t feel overly restricted or deprived of the foods I love. I learned to love the gym again and gained confidence to push myself past the mental limits I had previously set. I am a stronger, healthier, and more confident version of myself from when Krista and I started working together.

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