I Didn’t Get Picked For the Magazine Cover

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Brunette Magazine Fitness Cover Model

Back in December, I hired a coach to help me prepare my body for a magazine photoshoot. I had a magazine in mind, but nothing set up at all for a scheduled photo shoot.

​This photoshoot was a big scary goal for me. I have been on stage before when I competed in bodybuilding shows, so I knew deep down that my body has much potential!

​When hiring my coach, I had also set another goal to do a half ironman in the spring (around the same timeframe). I figured that if I was already going to do a lot of cardio, I might as well do an Ironman. During the consultation with her, I asked if she thought it was possible to do both goals at once; she hesitated but said yes! I loved her answer; I was up for the challenge and thought it was likely too, so I signed up for coaching and the race.

​At the beginning of my training, the miles were light. I saw pretty incredible results from cutting my calories lower. Feeling focused, determined, and stoked about how far I had come since my binge eating days, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid problems. I felt like I was on fire. My body was getting shredded; I was fit, fast, and on point with my nutrition.

​Then in late February, the miles started to climb. My easy six-mile runs turned into 10-mile runs, and suddenly, I started diverting back to old patterns (feast and famine). It became tough for me to restrict my calories, eat like a supermodel, and perform like a long-distance athlete for hours and hours a week. Slowly I started losing muscle from all of the triathlon training. My stress levels became super high, and I would feel like a failure if I went over my calories for the day.

I submitted my application and hoped for the best

​It finally became time to apply for the May 2021 magazine cover. It was exciting to see the email hit my inbox to apply as a model. I was nervous, excited but also worried that my body wasn’t ready. I submitted my application anyway and hoped for the best.

​Weeks passed by, and May became closer and closer. I started losing hope. I emailed the magazine to find out that I didn’t get chosen. Reading that email made time slow down. On the one hand, reading the email made me disappointed in myself, but on the other hand, I was very relieved. If was chosen, I would have put additional stress on my body to look AND perform a certain way. Chances are, I would have felt very weak during my race and would have suffered my way through a hot and miserable Ironman.

What I learned from not getting chosen for the magazine

​Looking back, I now realize that things worked out in the best way possible for me. After the news, I stopped restricting calories and fueled my body for performance instead of performance AND aesthetics. My singular focus helped me dial in my technique, recovery, enjoyment, and I had a killer experience. Throughout the process, I learned one of the most valuable lessons, and that is FOCUS.

​I’m someone who believes in “having it all,” but it’s also essential to check expectations. I sit here today writing this email saying that I am not giving up on my goal to be on a magazine cover, but the next time I shoot for it, I will make it my only focus and priority.

The Power of Focus & Simplicity

In his book “The One Thing,” Gary Keller mentions that “when you are trying to do two things at once, you either can’t or won’t do either well.” I firmly believe this to be true.

​If this 2021 journey taught me anything, it’s the power of simplicity, mastery, and freedom, and stress reduction that comes with doing less. As a high achiever, doing less is one of the hardest things to accept.

​The funny thing is, I use this with my clients. When people first come to me to sign up for coaching, they tell me that their biggest problem is inconsistency. They fall off the wagon for trying to do too much at once to reach their goals. Some ideas include keto, intermittent fasting, whole 30, two a days, and no wonder burnout happens. My job is to help people simplify their lives when it comes to their health. I help people do this because I struggle with the same things HA! Have you ever heard that we teach what we need the most?

​My questions to you are:

Where are you doing too much?

​Can you find more peace and freedom in simplicity?

​Can you slow down and master one thing at a time?

​I hope this email inspires you to zoom out for a moment, take a deep breath, assess where you are burning the candles at both ends, and see where you can simplify.

Until next week,

Krista Large

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