4 Questions to Ask When You’re Drowning in Overwhelm

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Man in Business Suit laying on ground stressed and overwhelmed

When you feel stress and overwhelm, what do you do?

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of life I put on myself.

Client calls, check-ins, running a business, making sales, content creation, not to mention training for a half ironman while working toward my goal of being a swimsuit model all at the same time, and then some.

I get lost in the chaos. All the decision making. The adulting. All the things.

Then, I think about all of the smaller tasks filling each of those buckets, and I become…


I recently stopped myself in the middle of my own stress and overwhelm and asked:

Is any of what I am doing really all that stressful? 

Or, is it me making it stressful by perceiving it to be stressful?

When I asked myself these questions, something shifted.  It was like somewhere in my answers was clarity in the overwhelm.

You see, when we’re drowning in overwhelm, it’s because we’re thinking about the endless sea of tasks on our plate. 

We often have more than we can handle. And before we know it, we’re paralyzed by the stress of it all.

Do you know what I mean? Can you relate to this?

In these moments, when you feel you can’t keep up, stop and remind yourself you’re in control. 

Four Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Overwhelm:

1. Is what you are stressing over really that hard?

– For me, it’s not hard to have calls with my clients, make meal plans, write workouts, and exercise my own body.

2. Is what you are doing your choice?

– Nobody told me I needed to run a business, what I need to put in my packages, nobody said to me that I need to run races or look good in a bikini. I chose all of these things.

3. Is the thing you are doing something you want to be doing?

– Yes, I love what I do. I want to write these emails. My work is dedicated to helping my clients lose weight and gain their confidence back. I want to keep growing my business. I want to keep learning and evolving. I want to ride my bike and go fast!!!

4. Is it really that bad?

-If the answer to this is yes, then that is a sign that you need to get the f*ck out! Something must shift. Remember, you’re in control. Take your power back.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help! You can’t fix overwhelm without getting to the root, and sometimes talking it out with a friend, coach, or stranger is the best thing you can do.

Sometimes, it really is as simple as asking. Find the right people to help you and create a plan that makes your life a little less stressful. (Hi, I’m Krista 🙂)

Be the creator of your life

Not a victim of the circumstances YOU ultimately chose!

By changing my mindset here, I immediately felt more in control and in charge of my life.

That, to me, is Living Large.

I hope this helps shift your mind too!

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