The Problem with Dairy

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How Dairy May Be Spiking Your Insulin

Do you eat products that contain dairy?

Cheese and crackers, milk and cookies, whey protein and a workout?

If you love these foods then you’ll want to keep reading.

Whey protein, cheese, milk, and plain yogurt may not contain a lot of sugar but they can spike your insulin.

What Is Insulin And Why Should You Care?

Insulin is a hormone that helps control the blood sugar levels in the body.

Sara Ballentine writes in her book “The Paleo Approach” about how dairy products can cause more of an insulin spike than white bread.

High insulin = inflammation

High insulin = increased hunger

High insulin = sugar cravings 

No thank you!

So what do you do?

Dairy Replacements:

Milk – Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Cashew Milk

Butter – Coconut Oil or Ghee

Yogurt – Coconut Yogurt or Almond Yogurt (be sure to watch the sugar)

Whey Protein – Pea Protein, Hydrolyzed Beef Protein, Egg White Protein

Ice Cream – Coconut Ice Cream, Almond Ice Cream, Pureed Frozen Bananas

Cheese – Cashew and other nut cheeses

If you are having trouble with sugar cravings, ashiness, and increased hunger, try eliminating dairy!

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