Execute Your Goals Like a Boss

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Writing Goals on Clipboard

The SMART Framework That Guarantees Results

In two weeks I’ll be starting a brand new fitness program.

Instead of saying, “I want to put on some muscle”, let’s get deep and see if we can make this goal more legit.

First off, “some” muscle doesn’t tell me how much muscle, where I want to gain it, why I want it, or when I would like to have it by.

Keeping it vague leaves this goal up to what if.

It doesn’t give me the drive to put into it all that I know I can.

Some muscle” – reveals that I am not committed, or that I am committed to mediocre results.

Saying that I want to gain “some” muscle is a sh*tty goal because it is vague. 

Who wants vague results? Not me!

Today I want to break down my goal for you and show you how it is done.

Enter SMART goals!

S – Specific (narrow and allows for planning)

M – Measurable (how can I prove I am making progress)

A – Attainable (what is realistic)

R – Relevant (does this align with my values or long term goals?)

T – Time-based (when is the deadline?)

So here is my example:

From my new fitness program I want to gain:

S – I would like to gain 3 pounds of muscle!

M – I can measure this by getting on a body composition scale.

A – A realistic amount of muscle to gain for a woman in a month is .5 lbs. I would like to challenge that and shoot for the stars. 

R – Does this align with my goals? Yes, I love having lots of muscle because I love feeling strong. The more muscle I have the leaner I feel.

T – This program is 12 weeks long. If I start on the 21st of September that will run me until December 12th!

See, now I am fired up!

I can visualize the end date and take into account how I want to feel in mid-December when the program is over.

I know that this goal CAN be accomplished and I can plan when to schedule check-ins.

Are you setting smart goals?

No? Do it right now!

Need help? – Book a consultation with me right now and I will help you!

Don’t settle for mediocrity. 

By setting a vague goal you are halfway there.

Spend an extra 10 minutes and take it a bit further to get the results you know you deserve.

Smart goals allow you to level up your results.

Be on fire!


PS. If you see me, I see you too. Change isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard. In less than one minute, book a FREE 20 minute consult here.

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