The Deadliest Combination on Earth – Sugar, Oil, and Salt

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Sugar, Salt, Oil. An unhealthy nutrition image

Sugar, Oil, and Salt. These are the three big ingredients, when combined, affecting our health in a negative way.

What is so appealing about junk food?​

Seriously – we call it junk and still eat it!

Is it the taste?

Yes – most food manufacturing companies alter the flavor of processed foods to make them irresistible.

“You can’t just have one…”

There are flavor companies out there that focus ONLY on creating perfect flavors.

Pizza flavored goldfish?! I bet you someone got a raise for coming up with that idea!

Variety also makes us hungrier as well….

Think about going out to a buffet. You can’t just stop at the entrée! For example, ice cream on its own is one thing, but once we see the candy toppings, syrups, sauces, and assortment of cookies we’re adding more and more sugar, fat, and salt to the equation. Not to mention variety in the textures too, crunchy, creamy, warm, cold, our senses love them all and will seek it out!

Not a surprise that buffets are usually all you can eat!

So what is in most processed foods?

S.O.S. = Sugar, Oil, and Salt

On their own, they are okay but combine them, and you have a recipe that can light up anyone’s senses.

Think about any chips – corn, deep-fried in oil, and powdered with sugar and salt.

Sugar, oil, and salt are highly crave-able to the human body!​

They never fill you up, so you can keep eating…​

Processed foods are designed to pack a high-calorie punch in a small amount. In the nutrition world, we call this caloric density!

Processed food manufacturers want us to eat more and more of their products so of course, they aren’t going to let us fill up on it quickly!

The worst part about it is the marketing tricks…

Food companies add superstar ingredients, such as avocado oil or chia seeds, and highlight the ingredients on the front in bold letters. Sure they may be in the product but what about all of the other ingredients?​

Another thing food marketers like to do is play into healthy lifestyle buzz phrases like:​

“You deserve a break, have a __________”

Or, your emotions…

​Or, “nobody likes you when you’re hungry” – eat a Snickers

Girl making fish face wearing pink dress, pink bow, and holding pink donut

Processed foods are also cheap and accessible.

​Save money now, but end up paying it back with your health at some point.

Is it worth it?

​That is up to you to decide! I’m not asking you to be a robot, but more so to be CURIOUS whenever you pick something up!

​Making an educated choice starts with having awareness!​

Always keeping it real with you,


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