How To WIN At Thanksgiving This Year

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Garnished citrus glazed turkey on a platter ready to be served

Why is it so hard to be around Thanksgiving foods?

Cookies, pies, wine, champagne, rolls, everything is so good!

I used to avoid the kitchen and try to white knuckle my way past the chocolate chip cookies only to eventually give in and eat three times the amount.

​The first bite would taste so good! Feel-good hormones would flood my brain as I chewed. WOW!

​But I wouldn’t stop there!

​I would then grab another cookie variety, then a brownie, then candy, and then onto anything “off-limits” just because I figured,

​“What the hell, might as well, I won’t get to have this until next year anyway so I better make it worth it.”

Has this ever happened to you?

​If so, I feel you!

​It’s almost funny… until it’s not.

​The guilt, the setbacks, the disgust of going into basically a food coma is NOT what I consider a good time or “worth it.”

​If this resonates with you then I have a tool I would like you to try.

​Remember, love at first bite!

​Here is how it works:

  1. Don’t put food up on a pedestal. Don’t look at food as “off-limits” either.
  2. Trust yourself and try everything you truly desire (with intention).
  3. Savor your first bite. Get into your body. Appreciate the food. Become aware of how it tastes and how it makes you feel. Treat it like you are losing your virginity! HA!
  4. Move on!

The 10th cookie is not as good as the first, and now you are just eating with abandon. Mindlessly eating is being disrespectful to your body.

This Thanksgiving, whenever you are presented with your seasonal favorites remember that first bite of the food you eat! Savor it, appreciate it, and move on.

Defeat The Urge To Binge

In doing this you won’t miss out on all of your favorite foods that only come once a year. You learn to trust yourself around food. You defeat the urge to binge. You wake up tomorrow satisfied and accomplished.

Sure, you may end up eating more calories than you wanted at first instead of “eating clean” and white-knuckling it the whole night, but it’s better than an entire plate of brownies, a food hangover, remorse, and self-destruction.

If you need a simple mind trick to help you beat the urge, be sure and check out Mind Tricks To Beat The Food Cravings.

​Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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