Read This if You Hate Cardio

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Sportive people doing cardio in the gym

Do you hate doing cardio?

I get it – cardio can be challenging when you first get into it. This is especially true if your idea of cardio immediately defaults to running. 

Cardio does not have to mean running. I f*cking hate running.

To stay young from the inside out we need to do some form of cardio.

Benefits of doing regular cardiovascular exercise:

  1. Increase in energy
  2. Increase in good cholesterol 
  3. Lowered blood pressure
  4. Improvements in the immune system
  5. Loss of body fat
  6. A decrease in anxiety and depression
  7. Increase in muscle mass and strength 

Where to start?

Pick what you enjoy doing (or hate the least).

I suggest getting started with something light and work your way up. Even walking is awesome!

Zone 1 Cardio is a great place to start

Zone 1 Cardio:

  • 60 – 70% of Max Heart Rate
  • 85% of calories are burned from fat
  • 10% are burned from carbs
  • 5% is burned from protein

Max Heart Rate

220 beats per minute – (your age)


220 – 29 (my age) = 191

My zone 1 cardio range is 114.6 – 134

You’ll need a heart rate monitor if you want to geek out over this. You can get one for cheap on Amazon. Here is the one I use.

How much cardio?

Start with 20 minutes three times per week.

I know it sucks but when you do cardio you are protecting your body from cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

If you still hate cardio ask yourself this question:

What do you value more? Comfort or staying youthful?

Challenge yourself

This week I want you to commit to doing 20 minutes of cardio.

It’s not THAT BAD!

You’ll thank yourself later.


PS. Sometimes all you need is a guide. If you know so badly that you want to change your lifestyle but can’t stay consistent maybe all you need is someone to show you the right steps and hold you accountable. Whenever you are ready I am here for you. Head to my calendar view my availability and schedule your free consultation.

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