“I Want to Lose Weight” is NOT a Good Enough Goal

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I had a client who hired me as his nutritionist earlier this year.

This particular client is a country music singer. Before COVID he was living 20 days out of the month in a sprinter van touring all over the US.

He told me that his number one goal was to lose weight.

I love this goal, but the problem is “lose weight” is not actionable…

I have a powerful exercise that I do with my clients during the first coaching call called the 5 Whys.

I love doing this exercise because it does three things.

  1. It becomes clear if the goal is something you want vs what you think you want

2. It helps you create an emotional attachment to your goal

3. It reveals the deeper reasoning behind your most important goal

So we started playing the game of the 5 whys.

Basically, I ask a series of questions (whys) and we get down to the fifth level of why.

Here’s how our conversation went:

Me – What is your most important goal?

Client – I want to lose weight!

Me – Why one – Why is it important that you lose weight?

Client – I’m sick of being the fat guy

Me – Why two – Why are you sick of being the fat guy?

Client – I want to be a role model for my kids and look good for my fans!

Me – Why Three – Why is it important that you are a role model for your kids and fans?

Client – Well, I want to have more fans!

Me – Why four – Why is that important?

Client – More fans = more ticket sales $$$

Me – Why five – why are more ticket sales important to you?

Client – more ticket sales = financial stability and less stress.

He then went on to tell me that money was his number one stressor in life and if he could just eliminate his worries about money that he would live a stress-free life.

This was a magical moment.

We realized that it wasn’t really about losing weight after all…

For him, it was about creating a stress-free life and being a role model for his kids.

I told him to remember that now and always.

I told him that every time he chooses to follow through he is choosing a stress-free life and financial stability.

I told him to associate eating healthy with making more money.

Broccoli = $$$$$$$

He laughed and asked if we just became best friends!

You can do this exercise too!

I made a PDF especially for you. You can find it attached to this email right here:

I hope you find it to be powerful for you too!

Enjoy and please let me know if anything came up for you worth sharing.


PS. Sometimes all you need is a guide. If you know so badly that you want to change your lifestyle but can’t stay consistent maybe all you need is someone to show you the right steps and hold you accountable. Whenever you are ready I am here for you. Head to my calendar to view my availability and schedule your free consultation.

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