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Telegram for Accountability

Attention, TELEGRAM -MER’S…

Or, even if you are not on Telegram – maybe today is the day you join!


I’m craving some accountability right now around my body goals.

​I’ve set this magazine goal for myself, but as of right now, nothing is on the books yet.

​I’m still 100% hellbent on this goal and will not give up, but the problem I am running into is no actual photoshoot is on the schedule.

​I 100% believe in the power of manifestation. I can make this goal super real and vivid in my head, set a personal deadline, and do my best, but still, having a legitimate commitment with an absolute deadline is the best way to cement accountability like no other.

​Examples of solid deadlines are graduation dates, race dates, due dates, weddings, etc.

​Though I preach accountability with my clients, I could still use some for myself.

​We can keep our goals in our heads or on paper, but we can also get away with not doing them very quickly without anyone seeing them.

Today, I thought of starting a private Telegram group for anyone looking for accountability around a goal or intention. We will be resetting our goals every week.

The scheme would go like this:

On Monday –

  1. State what you want to do for the week
  2. Why it’s important to you or what the benefit will be to you.
  3. How we can hold you accountable (basically how you will prove to the group each day that you did the thing you said you would do)

On Friday, or Sunday, I haven’t decided, I will review each one for completion 🙂

Join my closed telegram group moderated and run by me.

Does this sound like something you are interested in doing?

The goal can be something TINY too – it doesn’t have to be insane, but it will be a daily or weekly habit that you can realistically commit to implementing.

If so, then you can jump in this group right here via Telegram 🙂

I hope that this group grows and we can all inspire each other to kick ass and stay accountable to one another!

Just a thought, if you are in, you can join here 🙂

Krista Large

PS. To schedule a free goal strategy call with me, you can use this link right here!

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