Mind Tricks to Beat Your Food Cravings

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Woman eating McDonalds French Fies

I’ve got some simple mind tricks for you to train your brain to beat those food cravings so you can feel healthier and happier and not rely on food for comfort.

Let me ask you…

Do you feel like you need to eat less to reach your goal? Does restricting food feel like it backfires on you?

I used to feel this way too.

The more I would restrict, the more I would obsess over food. It is easy to go down that path…. 

What if you could eat to your heart’s desire, eat less, and not feel like you are dieting or restricted?

I am here to tell you that you CAN and WILL beat these cravings with these simple mind tricks below.

Mind Trick #1: Eating slowly

So simple. I know. ​Learning to eat slowly was one of the most simple, yet impactful things I ever did with my nutrition. But not easy.

Press play on this 56 second video on my tips for eating slow:

Here is another tip for eating slowly:

Mind Trick #2: Use A Meal Timer

Here’s how:

  1. The first step is to time a normal meal for you. Write down how long it takes for you to eat the meal from start to finish.
  2. Next time, add on a minute to the original time
  3. Next time, add on two minutes to the original time. 
  4. Keep going until you find your optimal time.

​​Mind Trick #3: Optimal Time

Awareness here is key. Finding your optimal time requires mindful thinking while you eat and after you eat. Next time you’re eating a meal or even a snack, take notice of these three things:

  • You eat until you are 80% full
  • You feel energized afterward
  • You don’t feel stuffed

Try this out at your next meal. I even included a form you can use to help you keep track. Download it here.

Pro tip – don’t use your cell phone to time your meals. As best as you can, limit screens while you eat. Use something like a stopwatch or kitchen timer. 

Nobody teaches this stuff.

We pick up these habits (like eating fast) from our childhood.

I know I used to have to eat so quickly growing up to make the bus on time.

​​Since starting my nutrition business in February I can successfully say that I have coached 42 people.

It’s not the big things we do, but the small things we do REPEATEDLY.

Change your habits and you can change your life! 

I hope you enjoy these mind tricks for slowing the eff down when you eat as much as I do!


​PS. If you see me, I see you too. I am here for you. Let make dieting a thing of the past! Book a consult with me here!

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