Four Ways to Track Your Habits

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post it note that reads "break bad habits" and "build good habits"

Tony Robbins says that “progress equals happiness.”

I agree.

There is nothing that makes me feel more accomplished than waking up knowing that I am better than I was yesterday.

Progress could come in the form of saving money, improving health, cultivating relationships, having fun, expanding my knowledge, or achieving a particular goal. 

The problem is that sometimes our goals can take a while. Especially the goals related to health and fitness.

As humans, and especially in today’s world, we like instant gratification.

Everything comes to us quickly – food, rides, answers, internet speed, phone calls, text messages, and direct deposit to name a few.

It can be discouraging to hear that it takes a good eight to twelve weeks to see significant weight loss or muscle gain.

One solution here is to track your habits.

Here are Four Ways to Track Your Habits

X’s on a calendar – each time you complete a habit mark the day with an X

Money – each time you complete your habit, move money into a jar or checking account. Yup! You can get paid for your good habits.

Tally – each time you complete your habits, make a tally on a post it note! 

Marbles – each time you complete your habit, put a marble in a jar.


Doing a task, like tracking habits, is a physical action.

Completing an action is satisfying.

Satisfaction is instantly gratifying.

Also, after a week, or even after two days, you can see the progress start to stack up.

There is just something so sexy about drawing an “x” on the calendar.

The hit of pride and achievement (even if it is small) can be so gratifying.

How can you reward yourself for your good behavior once you have reached a certain number of tallies?

Take action.

What is the habit you want to track?

What is a method that would light you up?

What is the reward you will grant yourself whenever you reach a certain number of tallies, marbles, dollars, or X’s?

Don’t let all of that hard work go unnoticed. 

You can allow every single day to be a celebration of your success!


PS. Sometimes all you need is a guide. Book a time on my calendar in three easy steps to see what the power of a plan and accountability can do for you!

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