Eliminate These Words From Your Vocabulary Right Now

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So you have goals to reach.

The problem is that sometimes we get in our own way without even realizing it.

This happens through our thoughts and language.

Have you ever taken the time to slow down and think before you speak?

I am guilty of this too! I use the word “kinda” or “might” way more than I would like to.

Eliminate these words from your vocabulary right now.

“I want” = Implies I lack

“I wish, but I’m not in control” = disempowering

“I need” = Implies lack

“I can’t”= the most limiting of them all

“I’m trying” = I am not committed 

“I hope” = may happen or may not = lacks faith

“I should” = maybe I don’t want to or won’t 

Here are some better words to use instead

“I have”

“I create”

“I am grateful for”

“I enjoy”

“I can”

“I choose”

“I love”

Example of someone with a limiting belief:

“I want to get control of my eating habits. I am trying out this keto diet. I’ve tried it in the past. I like the way it makes me feel, but I can’t seem to stick to it because I need chocolate. I’ll try harder this time. I hope it works.

Example of someone who gets sh*t done:

“This year I am going to gain control over my eating habits. I am following a ketogenic approach to eating. I enjoy eating this way because I love the way it makes me feel. I am grateful for my strong capable body. On days that I workout really hard I can choose to have chocolate for dessert because I enjoy it. I am creating the possibility that this is a great solution for my goals.”

Who do you want to be?

For more inspiration check out my blog post, “Why Progress Not Perfection is Bullsh*t.”


PS. It’s one thing to write it down on paper and “hope.” It’s another to consciously bring awareness to your thoughts, change them, take action, and step into your higher/most badass self! This is why having a coach is so rad! Work with me and change your life. 

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