Why Progress, Not Perfection is Bullsh*t

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I used to say this a lot “progress, not perfection” until I realized that its a total cop-out.

Imagine if we committed to our wedding vows with the idea of making progress, not perfection. It is like telling your significant other that instead of vowing to be 100% loyal that you cant guarantee that you won’t cheat on them.

Perfection is actually the soul of commitment.

Progress is like saying you’ll “try” rather than get the job done.

Perfection has power.

Deciding that you are going to work out today after you get off work without making excuses is perfection. This is different than only packing your gym clothes in your car and driving straight home after work (progress).

Deciding that you aren’t going to eat cookies after dinner is different than buying the gluten-free option so you feel better about yourself.

Are you actually committed to achieving your goals and dreams 100%?

Or are you committed to getting halfway there?

Note that I use the word commitment. A commitment is something we choose before the action occurs.

Things don’t always go perfectly.

Don’t beat yourself up for not doing something perfectly. Nobody is perfect and because you didn’t do something perfectly is not a reason to say “f*ck it” and fall back. 

In this context, we must aim for perfection.

To be committed 100% is being committed to execute and do your best!

Always do your best! 

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