Don’t Buy These Eggs

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Types of Eggs

Looking at a shelf of eggs is confusing.

Each carton markets a different claim, it is hard to understand which ones to buy.

The marketing is deceiving,

but I did the research and I am here to expose it all for you!

Types of Eggs:

  • Cage-free
  • Free-range
  • Hormone-free
  • Omega 3 eggs
  • Vegetarian eggs
  • Organic eggs
  • Pasture-raised

What do chickens eat?

The diet of a natural chicken is bugs and insects. Chickens are meant to be raised on the grass, out in the sun, distanced from other chickens. 

Let’s define each of these:

Cage-free – the biggest waste of money. There is no formal regulation or definition of “cage-free.” These chicken are still likely confined to small spaces.

Free Range – the second biggest waste of money. These animals are given access to outdoors (concrete slab) for 5 mins per day!

Hormone Free – Did you know that US law prohibits hormone administration to poultry? “Hormone-free” essentially means they are bragging about how they abide by the law.

Omega 3 Eggs – this means farmers fortify their grains with omega 3’s. Chickens should not eat grains!!!!!

Vegetarian Eggs – first off, CHICKENS ARE NOT VEGETARIANS…What this means is they are likely eating grains, soy, and corn! Vegetarian eggs have LESS nutrition but cost MORE. Don’t waste your money. 

Organic Eggs – free from chemicals and pesticides but this still doesn’t ensure the chickens are eating their natural diets of bugs, worms, and insects. Most likely they are feeing the chickens with organic grains, soy, and corn.

The best eggs:

Pasture-Raised – Happy chickens in their natural environment, grass. High in omega 3’s naturally because they eat what they are meant to eat (bugs, worms, and insects). They have bright orange yolks and provide the best nutrition an egg can get! 

Check out this visual if you don’t believe me. 

It may be tough to pay more than $5 for a carton of eggs but this is your body that you are talking about here.

Do you want your body to be built like a Tesla or an old Pontiac?


Pretty eye-opening huh? There is so much out there and it’s so confusing. I have spent a lot of money on things I thought were healthy only to find out they aren’t what they say they are. I help my clients out through the BS and avoid the confusion. Book a consult with me and I can help make it easy for you to see nutrition clearly.

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