Deck of Cards Workout

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Deck of Cards Fitness Workout

There are around 300 reps in this workout.

Throw on some loud music and get after it! 

All you need:

– A deck of cards and two kettlebells.

Deck of Cards Workout:

The card suite represents the exercise

♠️ Spades – Push-Ups

♥️ Hearts – Double KB Bent Over Rows

♣️ Clubs – Kettlebell Squats

♦️Diamonds – Supermans 

The card number represents the number of total reps.

– Aces – 200m Run 

– K – 10 Reps

– Q – 10 Reps

– J – 10 Reps


1. Shuffle the deck of cards

2. Draw one card from the top

3. Execute the exercise. 

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the card deck is gone.

Anyone down to do this workout with me this weekend?

Holler at me on IG and let me know if you did it @largekrista!


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