A Secret Game That Will Help You Get Lean

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Do you find yourself going for seconds and then realizing later that you ate way too much food?

I used to do this all the time. 

Not only would I be the first person to finish food at the table; but I would usually go back for more.

Sometimes I feel rushed when I eat when there is no rush at all.

If this is you too, I want to share something with you that helped me out a ton.

This tip is a fun game you can play. The best part is, nobody else will know you are playing. It is a secret game that will make you eat less! 

The Secret Game:

The objective – be the slowest eater at the table. 

The winner is the person who finishes last (unlike most games).

Tips to win the game:

  1. Find the slowest eater (usually the person talking the most) and don’t let them take the last bite.
  2. Put down the fork after every bite
  3. Engage in conversation at the table

Take Action:

Do it this week.

See if you can finish last 🙂 

Not only that but see if you notice anything like:

  • Do you eat less?
  • Do you feel less bloated or stuffed?
  • Do you even need seconds?
  • Do you feel more connected with your body and the people you are sharing food with?

I swear nobody will even know you are playing this game ha (unless they are on my email list too).

The good news is there is a lot of merit to eating slowly.

You may end up eating less (and have leftovers for tomorrow). You will regulate your appetite by honoring your natural cues, and you won’t be as hungry later. By eating slowly, you will feel better after each meal.

Whereas, the opposite is true of eating quickly.

You may end up eating more. You disrupt the natural signals in your body. You’ll most likely be hungrier sooner. You may not feel too hot after eating more food than you need.

Eating slower has changed my life! 

Eating less used to feel restrictive, but now it just feels like a fun game and not restrictive at all.

I hope you enjoy playing this game too.

Thanks for reading.

Krista Living Large 

​​PS. If you struggle with food I see you. I teach this because I struggled for so long. Change isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard. This can be a thing of the past for you too! Book a consult HERE .

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