The Power of Accountability

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Woman in sportswear talking to her personal fitness trainer

How powerful is accountability?

During college I was running all the time. 

I loved how running made me feel, but it never changed how my body looked.

I still have photos of me with my shirt lifted up in the mirror. 

Week after week each picture looked the same. I needed a change.

I made the decision to try out CrossFit!

I was so nervous to go to my first class. Luckily I loved it. I was learning new skills, learning how to lift, and pushing myself every single time I went!

One day after CrossFit I went to tutoring for chemistry. I was drinking protein out of a blender bottle in the hallway and my TA, Drew, stopped and chuckled.

“Oh you lift?” 

I told him that I liked to squat. 

He then went on to tell me about how he was a bodybuilder. I didn’t know what bodybuilding was at the time. He showed me pictures of him on stage, tan, and buff. Initially I was a little weirded out. 

He helped me with my homework and invited me to lift with him. I figured why not?! Though the tan freaked me out, his body looked like that of a god and through my semester I realized he was a great teacher. 

I liked Crossfit, but I didnt like how my body was always getting banged up. My appetite was also getting out of control from all of the high intensity work I was doing. 

He invited me to the first box gym I ever stepped into. That day changed my life. 

My first leg day! 

I wanted to have a body like a fitness model but I was doing the wrong types of workouts! 

Drew and I worked out every week together for the next few weeks. He showed me how to lift to build muscle and how to eat to get lean. My body changed and I went on to compete in my first bikini show that next year!

I went from feeling defeated and insecure to empowered in the gym and I can attribute that to someone showing me exactly what to do!

Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results.

Do you struggle with Accountability?

Sometimes we just need an accountability guide!

Someone to show you the way, give you a plan, and offer support!

I would have never gotten to where I am today on my own. 

My career is now helping people do the same thing. 

If you’re reading this and feel like you are not getting the results you want then email me back for a free week of my programming.

The work that I do is 100% virtual and 100% customized to your goals (health, fitness, and nutrition).

All you need is the WANT TO and drive to make it happen. 

Much love,


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