The Fu*kits

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Man sitting on couch with hands over face looking stressed

Where do the fu*kits come along for you on the journey?

It’s late; you’re tired, you don’t feel like cooking, it’s easier to skip the workout, grab some take out, open a bottle of wine, and let the fuck-it’s take control.

​It’s a common problem.

​We make so many decisions from the moment we wake up to the moment we shut our eyes at night.

​What to wear, workouts to do, what to eat for lunch, and you haven’t left your house yet.

​Then we are faced with even more decisions on the job.

​It’s no wonder that you don’t feel like doing sh*t by the time you get off of work.

​Every day may feel like a battle between your willpower and giving up.

​Don’t worry; I’ve got you here.

The key to not giving in is minimalism.

​No, you don’t have to sell all of your belongings and live in a van (unless you want to). The point is to minimize the decisions you make daily.

Minimizing Decision Fatigue

What requires brainpower = what makes you money, what makes you happy, and what inspires you. You can define this on your terms.

What shouldn’t require brainpower = what socks to wear, what time you’re going to work out, which workouts to do, which tea to drink, what credit card to use!

​We can learn something from people in leadership positions in the past or present like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, and Einstein.

​They all wear the same clothes every day. Barack Obama wore the same colored suits every day. Mark Zuckerberg owns 10 of the same t-shirts and three of the same jeans. Both men dress this way to minimize the small decisions they have to make to create space for larger ones.

​If you expect yourself to cook an Instagram-worthy meal every night, you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

​How can you minimize your decisions throughout the day?

Think of your brain as a muscle. Just like our biceps tire after countless reps at the gym, so does our brain.

Key takeaway – Become a minimalist by minimizing the number of decisions you make during the day.

The fu*kits are the enemy of your goals.

Knowing your WHY is the antidote! When your why is big enough, fu*king it up is impossible.⠀

Time To Take Action:

  1. List out all the decisions you make daily.
  2. Which ones are important to you?
  3. Which ones are unimportant to you?
  4. Automate your answers from question 3 like:
    • What meals to eat
    • When you are going to workout
    • What clothes to wear to the gym

You can overcome the “fu*kits” by creating a bulletproof system in your life like minimizing decisions, installing one time habits, creating schedules, and outsourcing thinking and planning.


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