Read This If You’re Dealing With Diet Overwhelm

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Do you ever feel overwhelm having access to too much information?

I mean this, especially in the context of health and nutrition. There’s more diets out there than there are minutes in a day.

If you just Google “how to eat healthy and lose weight,” you’ll find an infinite amount of information. Some of it you’ll agree with, and other information will contradict that. Some if it will make total sense, and some of it won’t make any sense at all.

Therefore, I get that it’s easy to feel confused, overwhelmed, and overthink things to the point that you don’t do anything.

Why You Should Eat A Plant Based Diet...

Just kidding.

Goodness, I love the internet!

I am so grateful that I have free access to information from podcasts, blog posts, forums, audiobooks, etc.

But you have to remember that we live in a world where information is at our fingertips. The internet and social media can make anyone an expert these days.

Ditching Diet Overwhelm

Before I continue, you must trust your body that you are capable of healthy living.

You will find opposing viewpoints from several gurus in the health space about using different diets and wellness methods. An example would be consuming saturated fats, switching to veganism, eating more red meat, drinking wine every night, etc.

Even as someone who has been studying nutrition for the past decade, I get confused. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have little to no nutrition knowledge.

I’ve noticed this as a common theme with the people that hire me. They finally reach a point where they are sick of trying new things, quitting before getting the results, and starting over. To them, it’s frustrating because, more than anything, they hate wasting their time.

Sometimes it’s easier to listen to someone else.

Regardless of what you read on the internet, it’s essential to get a few things straight.

It’s not so black and white about WHAT you eat.

What your body does with what you eat depends on:

  • Age
  • Stress levels
  • Muscle mass
  • Activity level
  • Types of workouts you do
  • Hormone levels
  • Mineral levels
  • Genes
  • Bacteria in your gut
  • Enzymes in your body
  • How much you slept last night
  • Mood/outlook
  • Health of your organs
  • How well you chew your food
  • Quality of the food
  • Medications or supplements you are taking
  • How hydrated you are
  • Okay, I’ll stop there

If you sit back and think about it eating food is pretty insane. The fact that we can eat food, digest it, use what we need, crap out the rest, and become either sick or strong because of it is truly remarkable.

It can be a simple process, but we can easily overcomplicate it.

For my clients, I give them unlimited access to me to ask any questions related to their specific goals and health. It’s hard for them to determine alone what applies to them and what doesn’t, in a world of abundant information.

The beauty of having a nutritionist is I know the whole picture. It’s important that I know how my clients are sleeping. I understand what their daily level of stress is. I know what they are doing for exercise, I know what hasn’t worked for them in the past, and because of all that, I can give them personalized recommendations and answers.

If you are sick of being confused and feel like you are wasting your time starting over, it’s time to get personalized nutrition.

I only work with clients one on one because I love the human connection and attention to detail I can deliver.

My 90-day program is a bulletproof system I created to empower you with the tools to develop the health and body you desire. To be fully transparent, most of my clients are in and out within 90 days. You can check out what some of my previous clients are saying here.​

Book the call, and let’s get you feeling better immediately.

No more diet overwhelm.

Dial this in for 90 days so you can spend your time on the things you love, like being the most expanded and badass version of you that you know you can be!

Don’t wait until beach season and think – I should have just signed up in January.

By then, you could have the body and health you’ve always wanted by then.

No more overwhelm, no more starting over, let’s dial it in together get the results you want.

Krista Living Large

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