Banish Cravings in 20 Minutes

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Today I want to share with you a healthy little trick that is simple and effective in helping you banish that food craving for good so you can hear what your body is trying to tell you.

Let me ask you…

Do you eat when you are bored, mad, anxious, when work stalls, when you are tired?

I know I have… I was an emotional eater for a year and a half.

The human body has a system of hormones that tell us when we’re hungry and another system that tells us when we’re full.

The problem here is when we ignore these systems and eat anyways.

We throw off the balance and we can become less sensitive to these hormones that tell us we are full.

It’s like walking in a room that has smelly shoes on the floor. In a clean house the stank is noticeable. You are sensitive to the smell.

In a house that already smells like sh*t it is harder to notice the smell of the shoes. You are less sensitive to the smell.

The idea is that we want to remain sensitive to the hormonal signals within our body!

The skill you must develop is listening to, and honoring, your natural hunger.

Honor Your Natural Hunger with this 20 Minute Trick

Whenever you get the cue to eat when you are NOT hungry (like a craving), or even when you get a little bit of hunger (but not for a full meal), set a timer for 20 minutes.

After the 20 minutes is up – check in with your hunger again.

It will either be less or more.

You can do this back to back as many times as you need to feel the real hunger come on. Set a timer for 20 mins and then reset immediately again.

Here you are essentially replacing the habit (eating when not hungry) with something else (setting a timer and taking yourself elsewhere).

Listen To Your Body

This seems basic, and it fundamentally is, but in this world today we are surrounded by food and opportunities to eat all of the time.

The key is to get back to the fundamentals of listening in and allowing natural cues to guide you.

The best part is that by honoring your hunger you are recalibrating your sensitivity to the hormones.

It just takes one time of doing this to get yourself on the right path.

Remember what is at risk if you don’t… Increased food cravings, hunger after meals, weight gain (or trouble losing), blood sugar irregularity, poor energy levels…

If you have been ignoring your hunger (even a little bit) it is okay.

Nobody teaches this stuff.

Bonus Tip To Banish Cravings For Good!

If you are having trouble deciphering if you are honoring your body or emotionally eating, consider the acronym HALT and ask yourself this question: Am I hungry, anxious, lonely, or tired? See this 1 minute video here!

Now you know it and now you have a choice which is way more empowering if you ask me.

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