I Meditated Daily for a Year. Here’s What Happened…

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Meditation using Calm App

I never used to understand meditation.

I would try and try and always get distracted by my own thoughts. It felt like a waste of time.

Last fall I stated developing anxiety symptoms. I was working a job that I didn’t love. I was doing a bunch of exercise that I didn’t really want to do. I was exhausted, burned out, and my negative thoughts started to get the best of me. I started having panic attacks.

I was willing to do anything to rid myself of the anxiety. I knew medication was not an option. CBD helped, but CBD was becoming expensive and wasn’t always at the ready.

I heard about meditation apps from a friend. She made it sound so simple.

I decided to give the Calm App a try. They had a promo for a free seven day trial. I mediated 22 times that week.

Meditation has changed my life.

I was just billed for my annual subscription a few days ago.

In the past year I meditated 477 times.

Total meditation minutes = 115.3 hours which is equal to almost five 24 hour days. That is an extra week of vacation without taking any days off!

My favorite times to meditate

– first thing in the morning

– as I fall asleep

– when I am really exhausted but have to keep going

– when I feel anxious

– when my head spins from doing too much work

– to take a nap

How I meditate

– I prefer to lay down with something covering my eyes like an eye mask.

– adding in a dropped full of CBD under the tongue while I meditate is like icing on the cake

– pro tip – set an alarm just in case you accidentally fall asleep

The benefits of meditating

– less panic attacks

– improved mood and steady energy levels

– better breathing mechanics

– more restful sleep

– peace of mind

Do you meditate? If so, what does this look like for you? What have you noticed?


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