Beware of these Menu Items from Starbucks

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Starbucks Nutrition

I’ll admit that I swipe my card at Starbucks from time to time. I love coffee, and I know that If I am on the run, there is always a Starbucks somewhere nearby.

This is fine from time to time, but I will warn you that Starbucks has one of the least healthy menus I have ever seen.

As I sift though this menu to write this email I am honestly overwhelmed and surprised by the amount of sugar and processed junk on the menu.

My initial plan was to sift through each of the menus items offered at Starbucks and tell you what to avoid, but that would take too much time….

Instead I am here to help you make better choices at the restaurant to do your body best.

So what are the best options at Starbucks if you are watching your health or weight?

  1. Cold brew – plain
  2. Black coffee – plain or you can use light cream (DIY) or ask for a splash of coconut milk and stevia
  3. Plain hot tea (can use stevia for sweetener)
  4. Plain iced tea (can use stevia for sweetener)
  5. The avocado spread
  6. Some of the protein boxes – apple, egg and cheddar cheese, almond box! – don’t eat the dried cranberries….
  7. Popcorn
  8. Almonds
  9. Fruit
  10. Babybell Cheeses
  11. String Cheese
  12. Prosciutto Tray
  13. Some of the salads without the dressing
  14. Some of the protein bowls without the dressing
  15. The protein bowls – moderate the dressing

Take a screenshot of this list and save it to your favorites so you can bring it out whenever you are on the run.

Because Starbucks is a large chain restaurant they are required to include calories next to each menu item.

Calories only tell part of the story.

Beware of sugar content and use of inflammatory seed oils like canola.

The only way to be 100% sure is to check out the nutrition online before ordering.

Always on your side when it comes to your health,

PS. Answer this question.
“Whenever I eat out, I normally eat at _________ chain restaurant.”

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