How to Follow Through

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Girl at gym doing cruches

I used to flake out all the time…

Get excited about a goal, spend hours planning out my attack, and then not follow through.

Or, I would do it for a little bit and then slack off halfway once I started feeling good about it!

Why do we do this and then beat ourselves up about it?

I’m definitely NOT PERFECT but I finally got to the point where I needed to stop… stop flaking out and stop the self-shaming. 

So what changed?

I started enrolling other people into my pursuits!

Aka telling the people around me who WANT to see me succeed about my latest thing, challenge, goal, and struggles.

It’s NOT annoying to do this. It’s only annoying when you don’t follow through. It’s EMPOWERING to know that people have your back and it builds tremendous confidence when you actually do the thing.

You see, our lives operate in groups. Whether you want to be, or not, you’re in some sort of group. Family, friends, work community, city, state, planet earth, you get the idea. 

You aren’t the only one. You aren’t alone. And people want to help you! If they don’t then get them out of your life and change your environment.

We are all motivated differently. 

Here are some ideas of how to enroll others in your health and fitness goals:

  1. Consequences– Make a bet with someone! Give them money and tell them to keep it if you fail to complete the program or get to the goal!
  2. Rewards– Reward yourself and celebrate with a friend. Go shopping for a new gym outfit together. Book a trip together. I don’t like playing the game of rewarding with food. It’s dangerous if food is your struggle. Don’t put it up on a pedestal. 
  3. Have someone else do the thing with you– Have someone complete the program with you and hold you accountable. Enroll yourself into a group, a community, or start something up yourself! 
  4. Sign up for an event – Maybe that is a photoshoot, a vacation, a competition, anything that makes your “why” that much more impactful. Only pick something with a deadline or something you can assign a deadline to!
  5. Hire a coach – sometimes you just need to have skin in the game and pay someone to stay on your ass about the goal! Someone who understands the process and who can be there every step of the way! Someone who can help you get clear and avoid wasting time in the long run. 

Homework for today/tonight:

ENROLL someone else into your goals!

  1. Tell them what your goal is!
  2. Tell them when you need it by
  3. Tell them why it’s important to you and what the consequences, or rewards, could be in achieving, or not achieving, the goal.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to crush life!

Email me with any questions, comments, feedback! I’m here to serve you. Like to learn more about me? Click Here!

Much love, 


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