Get Unstuck With These 5 Accountability Hacks

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Are you making progress or are you stuck where you are now?

You have so many things to do! So many goals and ideas! From business and career growth to leveling up your health so you can create unstoppable energy.

All this requires so much work to progress and new habits to implement and keep up with.

You are now feeling distracted, de-motived, and well… stuck.

Listen, goals take time, hard work, perseverance and focused commitment to achieve. Results don’t happen overnight, or even in the first month.

Therefore, it’s easy to lose motivation in the process. This is where most people give up.

You just need someone to help you push through it.

Get Unstuck & Get Going

We often feel stuck when we get too comfortable being comfortable and we fear any change. Or… we may find that we are often surrounded by people who are just as stuck as we are. Am I right?

Take a quick look at your environment.

Who do you currently surround yourself with that has achieved what you are set out to achieve? Do you know someone who has leveled up an area of their life themselves?

Could this be an opportunity to ask for help?

Everything Changes When You Leverage An Accountability System

If you are feeling stuck, accountability could be the right tool to finally succeed.

To “be accountable,” all you need is a clear goal and a willingness to let others help you achieve it.

At the end of the day, we are much more likely to take action if someone is taking note and tracking our goals, coaching us and cheering us on along the way or doing the goal by our side.

Collaborating with an accountability partner is by far one of the BEST ways one can assist you in forming new habits so you can get unstuck and take that leap forward.

5 Ways To Be Held Accountable:

1. Consequences 

Make a bet with someone! Give them money and tell them to keep it if you fail to complete the program or get to the goal!

2. Reward & Celebrate

Reward yourself and celebrate with a friend. Go shopping for a new gym outfit together. Book a trip together. I don’t like playing the game of rewarding with food. It’s dangerous if food is your struggle. Don’t put it up on a pedestal.

3. Have Someone Else Do The Thing With You 

Have someone complete the program with you and hold you accountable. Enroll yourself into a group, a community or start something up yourself!

4. Sign Up For An Event 

Maybe that is a photoshoot, a vacation, a competition, anything that makes your “why” that much more impactful. Only pick something with a deadline or something you can assign a deadline to!

5. Hire A Coach 

Sometimes you just need to have skin in the game and pay someone to stay on your ass about the goal! Someone who understands the process and who can be there every step of the way! Someone who can help you get clear and avoid wasting time in the long run.

ENROLL Someone Else Into Your Goals!

Ever noticed how supportive a few words of encouragement can be when you pass a milestone? And how a few doubters can drive you to prove them wrong?

You may even learn about your deeper motivation through this process and these are the ones that will keep you going in the long run.

Take Action Now:

  1. Create a list of potential individuals you trust
  2. Select one and communicate your intention with them
  3. Share with them what your goal is!
  4. Tell them when you need it by!
  5. Tell them why it’s important to you and what the consequences, or rewards, could be in achieving, or not achieving, the goal.

Don’t be shy!

Get Unstuck

Being accountable with someone else pushing you to do the thing can be a great source of motivation. 

Select that accountability partner and build them into your next big goal so you can see the difference it makes!

If you want to improve your chances of success, use the power of accountability.

Getting unstuck is a matter of choice.

You can do it.

If you want accountability coaching, schedule time with me here.

Much love, Krista

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