Feeling Bloated? Do This For Quick Relief

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Woman on a bike with bloated belly

Why am I always bloated?

You wake up with a flat stomach but go to bed looking and feeling like a balloon.

What the heck?!

You’re not alone, what you are experiencing is common and natural. Understanding where the bloat comes from is one of the best ways to find relief. Keep on reading and I’ll tell you why and what to do about it!

Gas = Excess Air In The Body

Increased intestinal gas is one of the most common reasons you might be bloated. The foods you eat and how you eat them are the main culprits for increased gassiness. 

Excess air can accumulate by eating dry, cold, raw, rough, or fibrous, such as certain vegetables or popcorn. Even chewing gum…

Weak digestive fire (lack of enzymes and low stomach acid) can cause the food to go undigested and ferment in your stomach.

Fermentation Of Food In The Stomach

When you hear the word ‘fermented,’ your mouth probably doesn’t start to water…

Fermentation in your stomach can result in gas and growth of bacteria and yeast. This results in sugar cravings, yeast infections, and digestive disorders.

Krista, HELP!!!!!!

Fast Relief Tips for Bloated Stomach

Okay, here’s what you do. ​

Drink This:

Ginger Tea – Helps soothe the stomach.

Ginger tea has been used thousands of years for things like digestive issues and yes, you guessed it — bloating. You can sip on some ginger tea, add it to a smoothie, and even put it in a salad to reap in its de-bloating benefits.

Drink this after a meal or throughout the day.

Water with ACV – Drink before a meal to help with low stomach acid.

Chew On This:

Ginger Root. Ever had sushi?

Ginger root supports healthy digestion and helps relieve occasional upset stomach and nausea.

Avoid These:

Raw foods (for some people), salads, and sparkling water (yes, this includes White Claws too).

Cold drinks like ice-cold water, tea, smoothies, and iced coffees may also cause this effect.

Eat warm, cooked, and easy to digest foods like soup.

Supplement for Bloating Relief:

​Digestive Enzymes! – Take these at the start of meals you know may be harder to digest. Like before… a giant rib eye, a big ass salad, or a bowl of queso.

I use the ones from Onnit because they are inexpensive and of great quality. I would know because I used to help run the quality department for three years!​ ​

You can learn how I eat as a Nutritionist here!

Holler at me with any questions,


PS. That code above gets you 10% off your order for digestive enzymes and anything else from Onnit! Enjoy!

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