Eat These Foods in Moderation

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big plate of food inlcluding burgers and french fries

A Guide to Help You Determine Which Foods to Eat Moderately

Remember there is no such thing as BAD food.

It is not fair to be so black and white with foods anyways! 

Instead of thinking as foods as good or bad, it can become way more personalized (and way more fun).

Remember yesterday I said that you could think of “good foods” as “green light” foods.

A green light means GO meaning these foods become your staples.

  • The foods you like!
  • Foods that digest well
  • Foods that support your goals?
  • Foods you can have moderately and sanely

What about the other foods (or what you used to consider to be “bad foods”)

I like to call these “yellow light foods” or “red light foods.”

Yellow Light Foods (yellow lights mean slow down)

  • Foods I can somewhat tolerate
  • Foods I digest OK sometimes
  • Foods that I can eat in some situations Foods I can eat a little of

My yellow light foods


  • Whey protein 


  • Dark chocolate


  • Corn tortillas
  • Siete chips
  • Fancy desserts at restaurants
  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Apples


  • Asparagus


  • Red wine 

Take action – make your list of “green light foods” in each category.

Focus on eating more green light foods and slowing down on the yellow light foods.

For more tips on personalizing your eating check out my blog post – “How I Eat as a Nutritionist.


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