Do You Have An Evening Routine?

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Why I Must Have an Evening Routine

I’m the queen of doing too much.

My brain lights up at a new challenge, new goals, trying new things, dopamine overload.

Having a loaded schedule is the way I operate best.

When my schedule is empty or when I get bored, my habits start to turn south.

Here are a few things (lol) I am committed to at the moment. Some of these tasks overlap, but I must check all of these boxes at the end of the month.

Hard 75

  • Read 10 Pages of a nonfiction book per day
  • Drink a gallon of water per day per day
  • Workout twice per day for 45 minutes each (one outside) per day
  • Take a daily picture
  • Abstain from alcohol
  • Adhere to a set way of eating

Magazine Cover Goal (March) / Half Ironman Training (May)

  • 3 Strength workouts per week
  • One swim per week
  • One bike ride per week
  • Weekly check-ins with my coach
  • Weekly group coaching zoom calls
  • Daily personal development work
  • Daily gratitude
  • Weekly meal prep
  • Daily logging macros
  • Weekly recovery

Living Large Business

  • Sales coaching meetings twice per week
  • Business finance course meeting once per week + material
  • I currently have 27 clients, which means client calls, answering messages, writing programs, creating meal plans, emails, etc.
  • I operate a daily email list (Are you on it?)
  • Maintain an active Instagram channel
  • Weekly consultations
  • Managing business expenses and financials

Personal Life

  • Mixing music
  • Daily meditation
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Being a girlfriend
  • Visiting family
  • Sleeping
  • Planning travel
  • Attacking life goals
  • Making sure my bills are paid on time
  • Staying happy and sane

The point here is not to brag about all of the things that I do but to let you know how I handle them.

As you can see above, my schedule is insane, and because my life is this way, I must keep it in check because sh*t could easily hit the fan if I am not careful!

How To Manage A Busy Schedule

I prioritize time before bed and time in the morning.

To give this a dazzling name, it’s the glorious morning routine and evening routine that keeps my life running like a machine.

It Starts in the Evening!

The evening is all about managing my time and recovery from work.

Time Management

  • Brain dump daily tasks in the form of a checklist (like this blog post)
  • Write down time estimations next to each task
  • Highlight what must get done, what would be nice to get done, and non-urgent tasks in different colors.
  • Then number each task in order of priority
  • Rewrite list if needed

Relaxation and Sleep Preparation:

  • Hot shower (for better sleep)
  • Shut off screens (for better sleep)
  • Turn the blue light bulbs to red (for better sleep)
  • Stretch before bed (for better sleep)
  • Take supplements (for better sleep)
  • Turn the air down to 66 or 67 degrees (for better sleep)
  • Set out coffee
  • Read ten pages
  • Turn on the white noise machine (for better sleep)
  • Put on an eye mask (for better sleep)
  • Aim to fall asleep before 9:30 PM

Important “Musts” To Keep This Running Well:

Outsourcing – I must outsource what I can – groceries, meal prep, my training plan, and the things I hate doing in my business.

Setting myself up for success – The morning routine is powerful, but a solid morning and a solid day starts with the evening. The morning is chaos without the evening routine, and without having everything planned and written down I am a ball of anxiety.

Automating my habits – If 90 percent of what we do is habitual then we can really use this to our advantage, or not. What I can automate, I will. What I can habit stack, I will. If I can change my environment to improve my efficiency… you best believe I am going to do that.

I just thought I’d share what a day in my life looks like and how I run a business plus take care of my mental, spiritual, and physical health.

I hope this brings you some value and some new ideas!

Do you have an evening routine? Share it with me in the comments! I’d love to hear what works for you!


PS. We all have busy schedules and therefore we need bulletproof systems in our lives like minimizing decisions, installing one time habits, creating schedules, and outsourcing thinking and planning.

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