Complete this sentence. Stress feels like ________.

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Businessman having a panic attack

Everyone feels stress from time to time.

I am going to touch on some key things you should know to help you identify when you’re feeling stress and a few recommendations to take towards managing it.

The Body’s Response to Stress

Here is what happens in the body physiologically when you are stressed:

Your pupils dilate to increase perception—your heart rate increases. Your breathing becomes more forceful and therefore increases your blood pressure. Blood flow decreases to the non-vital organs like the stomach and digestive tract. Cortisol increases blood sugar by converting noncarbohydrate sources into sugar! This sugar then circulates your body and enhances brain energy, and pumps up energy in all cells.

Isn’t that insane?!

You are a human-machine, but like all machines, when you go too hard for too long, the engine requires more maintenance and begins to break down if not cared for properly.

What Stress Feels Like

Imagine you are under constant stress. Your blood pressure is increasingly high, your breathing is forceful, your heart rate is high, your blood sugar is even higher, and you can’t digest for shi*t.

Then what happens?!

You begin to break down.

Tension manifests in the body, and you become stiff and inflamed.

Panic attacks happen.

You start getting fat from all of the sugar.

And you are robbed of the nutrition your body needs.


85% of all illnesses trace back to some form of stress manifesting in the body.

What I described above is the direct impact that stress plays on the body. There is also a multitude of indirect consequences to stress as well like muscle loss and hormone disruption.

If this message today resonates with you, I highly recommend that you use all of your lifelines right now!!!

Your body needs help.

You need more than just a good diet.

I used to think that supplements were bullshit and that by taking supplements and vitamins, I was paying for expensive pee.

Not true. I credit the healing of my gut and the return of my menstrual cycle this year to the use of proper supplementation.

Supplements are highly concentrated and deliver a more robust supply of support to the body.

Due to current farming practices, the food we eat is no longer adequate for healing the body on its own.

Remember, if you are under stress, then your digestion is impaired anyway, so you might as well nuke your body with goodness.

You CAN Heal Your Body From Stress

The good news is you absolutely CAN heal your body from stress, adrenal fatigue, and high cortisol often in a few months.

Dr. James LaVale, in his book titled “Cracking the Metabolic Code”, recommends the following supplements for restoring adrenal function.

  1. Adrenal support
  2. Rhodiola Root
  3. Holy basil
  4. Relora
  5. L-Theanine
  6. Moducare
  7. DHEA
  8. Magnesium
  9. B-Vitamins
  10. Vitamin C

I highly recommend you purchase these supplements (or a blend of them) and begin right away and schedule in some time for relaxation (which I will get into tomorrow).

Things can change, but you have to put in the work to change, or else it just won’t work.

Make this your top priority.

You can turn your life around, and the best part is you are in complete control. Never forget that!


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