Can you afford nutrition coaching?

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Investing in your health

The number one rejection personal trainers get from potential clients is that they can’t afford it.

A big part of personal training is learning how to sell and deal with rejections like the one above.

The world of sales likes to use acronyms as a systematic approach for teaching people to sell. 

The acronym is FASTER.

Each letter below represents areas of spending that a person can eliminate or modify to find the money.

F – Fast Food

A– Alcohol

S – Sweets/Snacks/Starbucks

T – Tobacco

E – Entertainment

R – Recreation

It’s pretty incredible if you really sit down and think about it. 

How much money do you devote to each category per week or month that could better be utilized or invested in your health?

Let’s take Starbucks for example. 

Imagine you spend $5 at Starbucks a day. 

Over the course of a year, you have spent $1825 on coffee. 

In one month $152. 

In one week $38. 

That’s just one letter in the faster acronym. 

If you really want to invest in your health with PT, eating healthier, buying organic, getting a new gym membership, hiring a nutritionist, but tell yourself that you can’t afford it. Think again. 

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