Stress and Your Waistline: Storing Belly Fat

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young man holding belly fat

Did you know that where you store fat can be a great indicator of other body issues?

Storing Fat Below the Waist

For example, if you store most of your fat below the waist; it’s a sign that your extra weight is likely due to stress.

Storing Fat Behind the Arm

If you store fat behind the back of your arm, it could indicate a hormonal imbalance.

Storing Fat Below Shoulder Blades

If you store fat below your shoulder blades, this could mean that you are insulin resistant and may have issues regulating blood sugar.

These indicators are red flags.

The only way to confirm is to get tested.

Most of my weight loves to store below the waist, meaning it could all be from stress.

I know this. I stress out often (even when I don’t mean to).

My stress loves to sink in right before I fall asleep and give me insomnia.

3 Stress Reducing Supplements

Aside from changing my lifestyle to handle stress or eliminate stress, I take the following supplements daily.

L-theanine – 200-300mg before bed

Adrenomend– 4 capsules mid-afternoon and before bed

GABA – 1 Capsule Before Bed

Since I started this routine, I have seen a dramatic reduction in my stress!

If you need help with testing for any of these, please reply to my email, and I can guide you in the right direction to get the tests you need.

We have a choice. To pay attention to the subtle cues our body gives us, or we will be forced to listen.

Usually, the subtle cues are small changes and fixes.

It’s when we keep allowing chronic stress and ignore our cues that the consequences become great!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help. I genuinely enjoy being a resource in guiding you to make the best decisions possible for your health.

Krista Large

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