What We Can Learn About Eating from Wine Drinkers

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Mindful eating is a term that is thrown around a lot in the health space.

​Are you eating mindfully?

​Are you eating cold food out of a Tupperware?

Does it take you five minutes or less to eat?

Does eating involve you standing near the sink in your kitchen?

​Do you have your cell phone out mindlessly scrolling or texting while you shove food into your mouth?

​I know these things happen because I have been guilty of doing all of them.

How to “wine taste” your food:

​Wine tasting looks something like this.

​It starts with the right type of glassware. The wine requires a certain temperature. ​The palate is prepped. The color is observed. The aroma is embraced. The flavors and textures are felt and distinguished. 

​Lastly, the wine is profiled with a story about where it came from and what it had to go through getting it to your mouth.

​Can we do this with food?


​Okay, not every meal is going to be this exciting, but you get the point…

​Wine is great, but remember that the food we eat carries more value.

​We need food to build muscle, support our recovery, and turn us into the sexy, strong, physically capable beings we are meant to be!

​Can we treat our food with the same respect and attention to detail as wine?

​Learning to eat mindfully is a practice, therefore it takes practice.

​Mindful eating challenge:

​Wine taste your food this week and see if it makes a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience.

For more tips on how to eat mindfully check out my post – “Slow the Eff Down.”


​PS. Sometimes all you need is a guide. Someone to help you with the specifics and hold you accountable. Book a time on my calendar in three easy steps to see what the power of upgrading your nutrition and habits around food and exercise could do for you!

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