A Breathing Technique To Calm Anxiety

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"Just Breath" written in the sand on the beach

Focusing on your breathing is one of the simplest ways to calm yourself down and reduce stress and anxiety – and it works quickly.

Sometimes I get anxiety.

As someone who runs a business and paid based on performance, I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed, have FOMO, and be constantly flooded with dopamine!

Whenever my head starts to spin and my breath becomes short I use this breathing technique.

Calm Anxiety Fast with Nostril Breathing

It’s free, it’s accessible anywhere, and it’s essential for life.

Are you ready to breathe with me?

How to Nostril Breathe

Sit or lay comfortably.

Cover your right nostril with your thumb and breathe only out of the left nostril.

Exhale out of the left nostril.

Cover your left nostril with your middle finger and breathe only out of the right nostril.

Exhale out of the right nostril.

Do this for however long you need to.

I practice this in the car, before client calls, or whenever I need it.

How To Nostril Breathe

Change your breath, change your life!

Please let me know if this is helpful.

Krista Living Large

PS. How do you want to enter 2021? 

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